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Cornerstone3 Inc. is an executive coaching firm that leverages a unique combination of leading-edge business tools and systems to help owners and their leadership teams grow their companies and finish strong. Our ground-breaking executive education programs assist high-achieving entrepreneurs in building strong, stable, marketable and profitable companies. Our sole purpose is to make it easier for our clients to scale their businesses in such a way that they can enjoy the freedom and wealth they deserve and have worked hard to earn.

Clients We Serve Include:

  • Business Owners, CEOs, Executive Managers and Leadership Teams
  • Exiting Owners in need of a plan that protects their wealth and prepares for succession
  • Entrepreneurial Organizations with revenues from $5M to $200M

Firms Engage Us To:

  • Optimize transferable economic business value
  • Liberate owners from business frustration
  • Provide clarity in making important, timely and courageous decisions
  • Implement the right tools to make strategically smart decisions
  • Execute quickly and successfully on strategic decisions


Paul Cronin

Paul Cronin

Facilitated by Paul Cronin, clients learn how to shift their mindset to gain clarity, sharpen their focus and make actionable decisions for measurable business results.

Outcomes include:

  • A strong and enduring culture
  • The right people with the rights skills doing the right work
  • Effective leadership capability throughout the organization
  • New customers and markets
  • A scalable, sustainable infrastructure


Within as few as 12 months our clients succeed in:

  • Understanding the forces that drive their industry
  • Defining a crystal-clear strategy
  • Discovering future growth opportunities
  • Setting clear targets
  • Designing a structure that enables fast execution
  • Establishing habits and routines for team health and accountability
  • Designing and developing an engaging culture


If you are an entrepreneur who wants to scale up your business, and you have an appetite for learning, a willingness to be coached, and a passion to expand the leadership capabilities of your team and yourself, then contact us or request a complimentary evaluation by expressing an area of concern or interest.