CEO plus Leadership Team | Business Growth Workshop

2x Your Cash Flow
3x Your Profitability
10x Your Valuation

Uncertain On How To Scale Your Business And People?

You need to have the right plan and people with you to take your business to the next level.
Businesses who are successful have a process in place to scale their business.
Avoid stagnant growth with our exclusive Scaling Up program that gives you all the tools and resources
you need to confidently 5x your business.

Invested In Your Growth.

Guided by Paul Cronin & Donald Haché.

Learn and implement our proven management tools to equip your leadership team with the skills needed to scale your business for success.

Meet Your Scaling Up Certified Coaches

Donald Haché

Don has years of professional experience managing startups and established companies. He has held various senior management, engineering, technical and sales positions in Canada, the USA, and abroad.

As a serial entrepreneur and award-winning coach, Don brings focus to companies in all business development stages – start-up, scale up, fast-growth challenges, steady state business, relocation, downsizing/scaling down and growth to exit strategies. He has extensive experience in needs assessment, organisational design, strategic thinking, and execution planning (there is a difference), leadership development, CEO plus team coaching (this is where exponential growth happens), performance assessments, mergers, and acquisitions (USA/CND) and succession planning.

Having started several small and mid-market companies, he understands the challenges entrepreneurs are faced with and has a track record of building these companies and turning them into successful operations by aligning execution to strategy. Business professionals frequently comment that Mr. Haché’s initials “DH” stand for “Designated Hitter

Paul Cronin

Paul Cronin is Managing Partner with Cornerstone3 Inc. He works exclusively with entrepreneurs and action-oriented owners who have a passion to put a dent in the universe. Paul’s professional background includes: CEO of 5 closely-held companies, Company President, Entrepreneur, and Business Advisor.

Utilizing the experiences of 30 years of executive leadership roles across multiple industries, Paul turns complex problems into simple solutions by helping leadership teams implement the framework, discipline and tools historically proven to take good companies to great companies. This is Strategic Execution and it is what differentiates the 5% of successful companies from the rest.

Specific outcomes include: Owners enjoying the wealth and freedom they have earned, Economic Business Value are multiples greater than that of competitors, Owners liberated from the frustrations of running their business day-to-day, Clarity of thought resulting in strategically smart decisions across the company, and Proven, easy-to-use “Tools” that create team alignment, accountability, and predictable results.

Paul also works with ‘exiting owners’ to plan their succession and help execute their business transition [unique to each owners’ design]; ensuring each owner gets what they want ‘from’ the business and what they want ‘for’ the business.

Cronin’s professional background includes: CEO of 5 closely-held companies, Company President, Entrepreneur, and Business Advisor. He started his career with Coopers & Lybrand, Sheraton Hotels and Merrill Lynch Pierce, Fenner & Smith. He went on to become EVP and Regional Manager for Earth Technology. Cronin was partner at the Platinum Group, a Midwest turnaround firm for 6 years before he started his own business advisory firm, Cornerstone3.

There’s so much for you to achieve when you work with the leadership coaching provided by the CEO+LEADERSHIP Bootcamp

Growing a business can be challenging on the best of days. Missed targets, new world economic challenges, and uncertainty surrounding the changes you need to make to get the outcomes you want.

CEO+ Leadership Team BOOTCAMP Powered by Metronomics is for CEOs with their Leadership teams who want to take action together to make lasting changes in how they map their cash, execution, people, and strategy in order to achieve their business goals and weather ANY market.

Why should you attend?

CEOs have found the secret in scaling their leadership team and how to generate better results faster and with less effort

We now know that team learning is essential. Other than conferences or summits, how do we encourage and practice it consistently?

Good CEOs learn with Peers,
Great CEOs learn with their
Leadership Teams and Peers

This program is designed for company leaders who want to learn with their teams and are not afraid to be challenged and encouraged by their colleagues. Leadership is changing. It is about empowering others to lead. In a functional leadership model, success doesn’t rest on one person but rather on the functional behaviors of the group. You need to learn how to generate peak performance and inspire it in others.

Scaling A Business Can Be Hard.​

Especially if you don't have a plan or your leadership team isn't prepared.

We get it–there are a lot of things to consider when scaling a business and sometimes you don’t know what steps to take next.

If you are a high-growth company looking to scale, apply today!

Date and time

Wednesday May 10th from 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Wednesday June 7th from 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM completion