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We help entrepreneurs and action-oriented business owners eliminate frustrations,
achieve breakthrough growth, and maximize the value of their companies.

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What We Do

Are you an entrepreneur who has a fire in your belly with a desire to put a dent in the universe? Are you tired of being a startup and, instead, looking to scale up your business for higher profitability, sustained growth and maximum value? At Cornerstone 3, this is our focus for owners and their leadership teams. [READ ON…]

Program Overview

We utilize a variety of time-tested tools and select, easy-to-understand technologies to help entrepreneurs and their leadership teams overcome frustration and achieve breakthrough success with their growth and value strategies. Our program deliverables address four essential areas [READ ON…]

Ways to Engage

We have two program options to consider. Choose the option that works best for you, your goals and your time-frame for achievement.

Access to Expert Coaching ♦ ♦
Peer-to-Peer Accountability ♦ ♦
Personality Profiles for all Leadership Team Members ♦ ♦
Team Health ♦ ♦
Annual SWOTT ♦ ♦
Metronome Growth Systems cloud-based platform ♦ ♦
Focus on Cash Flow w/ cloud-based tool ♦ ♦
Speed of execution ♦
Customized training and facilitation (no DIY facilitation needed) ♦
Satisfaction Guaranteed* ♦

* See CS3 Satisfaction Guarantee

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Strategic Execution

Helping you and your management team get aligned, focused, and accountable, working with purpose toward common goals.

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Maximize Business Value

Work exclusively with entrepreneurs to eliminate frustrations, achieve breakthrough growth, and maximize their company value.

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Exit Strategy

Work with “Exiting Owners” to plan their exit, protect their wealth, plan their succession, and help execute their business transition.

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CEO Coaching

Helping CEOs gain focus and accountability, and become the purpose-driven leaders they aspire to be.

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Board Management

Helping board of directors get aligned and attuned to overall business objectives.


Business Growth

Helping leadership teams plan and execute growth strategies and produce predictable outcomes.

Gazelles Executive Education

Gazelles coaches provide executive education, coaching, and technology services to help mid-market companies around the world build and execute a strategic plan.

Unique Gazelles Tools

Best known for our One-Page Strategic Plan (and other one-page tools), Gazelles focus on helping executive teams make the right decisions when it comes to four key areas: People, Strategy, Execution, and Cash.

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Gazelles Top Coaches

Certified Gazelles Coaches like us deliver IMPACT by bringing the most effective tools and best practices to grow companies all over the world.

Gazelles Strategic Management

Certified Gazelles strategic management helps businesses get aligned and focused on company goals and manage outcomes. 



In Scaling up, we help make sure that the right people are in the right seats.

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Identify the “X Factor” as the chokepoint in your business model that must be identified and overcome. It may be website traffic, a cost-efficient sales process, etc.



In the Rockefeller Habits plan, you’ll pick 5 main priorities for your year, and of those, you’ll focus on one main priority each quarter.

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Only, when you’ve identified the key metrics that drive your business, will you be able to truly grow and succeed.

  • “Paul is an extremely knowledgeable and astute professional who is committed to helping people through guidance to achieve professional success in their endeavors. He provides authentic strategic value to his clients, organizations, owners, and entrepreneurs he supports.”
    — Mike Ciccolella, Founder & CMO
  • “Paul is a big picture professional who attacks problems and opportunities with discipline and solid processes. His approach is logical, practical, and effective. He is natural in the board room or on the factory floor and isn't afraid to dig in and go to work. As an added bonus, he is a very high-quality person and a pleasure to deal with.”
    — Hal Galvin, General Manager
  • “I highly recommend Paul Cronin because he helps owners and CEOs produce breakthrough results in their business. I’ve worked with Paul on a weekly basis since February 2010 at a mutual client, and Paul’s guidance to the Owners and Leadership Team are making a significant difference at the company.”
    — Tuck Mixon, Founder & CEO

Meet Paul Cronin
Managing Partner, Senior Business Advisor

“My work optimizes business value and gives business owners their life back. I work exclusively with entrepreneurs and action-oriented business owners to eliminate frustrations, achieve breakthrough growth and maximize the value of their company. I also work with existing owners to plan their succession and help execute their business transition.”


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