Here’s brief look at the tools we use to help clients and their teams grow their businesses strategically, profitably and (when requested) exit successfully.

  • Starting Position

    Industry Analyses:

    • Driving Forces
    • Scenarios
    • Sales and Profit Pools

  • The End Game

    BHAG/Corporate Purpose

  • The Sandbox

    Core Customer:

    • Segmentation
    • Customer Analysis
    • Quality and Quantity

  • Targets

    Midterm Sales and Profit Targets

    One-Year Targets

  • The Value Proposition

    Brand Promise

    Main Products and Services

    Price Strategy

    Distribution Strategy

  • The Business Plan

    Investment Requirements

    P&L and Balance Sheet

    Cash Flow Plan

    Execution Road Map

  • Starting Position

    Company Diagnostics:

    • Functional Accountability Chart
    • Roles and Responsibilities
    • Key Performance Indicators

  • Right People

    Advanced Insights:

    • Personality Profile
    • Recruitment and Retention Strategy

  • Growing and Developing a Team

    Creating a Coaching Culture

    A-Player Development

    Employee Net Promoter Score

  • Right People in the Right Seats

    Organizational Structure

    Core Processes

    Core Capabilities

  • Right People in the Right Seats Doing the Right Things





  • Starting Position

    Company Diagnostic:

    • Strategic Clarity
    • Execution Capability

  • Corporate Identity

    Core Values




  • Doing the Right Thing the Right Way

    Strict Meeting Rhythms

    Daily Huddles

    Key Meeting Agendas

  • Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing


    Quarterly Themes

    Celebration and Reward

  • Metrics

    Company and Department KPIs

    Company Dashboard

    Individual Performance Program

  • Starting Position

    Seven Levers:

    • Price
    • Volume
    • COGS
    • Receivables Days
    • Inventory
    • Work in Progress
    • Accounts Payable

  • Cash Flow Story


    Working Capital Cycle



  • Cash Flow Excellence Plan

    Cash Flow Rhythms

    Cash Flow Consciousness

  • Power-of-One Execution

    One-Percent Tweaks that Make all the Difference

  • Power-of-One Execution

    One-Percent Tweaks that Make all the Difference